Amazon Affiliate Links

Perhaps you noticed that a few links in my articles are marked with an asterisk (*). These links are so-called affiliate links and lead to Amazon, in whose affiliate program I participate. This means: If you click on such a link and buy something, then I get a small percentage of your purchase amount credited. The purchase price doesn’t change for you!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This means, that shopping via my affiliate links will not be more expensive, nor will you have any disadvantages. It’s a win-win situation for all of us ?

However, I am very happy about the small support that I mainly use to cover the server costs. A web server is a place on the Internet where you can store data so that others can access it over the Internet. I have also rented such a place to store the dates of this parrotlet blog so that you can access it via the internet. This naturally caused ongoing monthly costs. Of course, I can not cover these costs with the affiliate program, of course, but at least a part ?

So if you want to order something via Amazon soon, then you are welcome to use one of my affiliate links (you will always recognize these in the individual blog posts by the small asterisk (*) at the end of the link).