Parrotlet cage setup

Cage Setup for Parrotlets

The cage setup for parrotlets (and the free flight area) should be diversified and offer many play and employment possibilities for parrotlets. This post is about how to set up […]

Parrotlet Names

Ideas for Parrotlet Names

Parrotlets (or other parrots, parakeets or birds) should move in soon and everything is prepared – now only suitable parrotlet names are missing for the new family members! Thus the […]

parrotlet on a cage

Parrotlet Cage

The most important thing about a parrotlet cage: There is no “too big”! This means even if parrotlets are very small birds they need a lot of space because they […]

Pacific parrotlet couple

What is a Parrotlet?

A parrotlet is a small, short-tailed parrot, that belongs to the family of the Psittacidae and to the subfamily of Arinae (the “New World” or “Neotropical parrots”). To the tribus […]